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Customized round and rectangular formers as well as forming sets for any type of form/fill/seal machine independent of brand name are available in our product line.

Our stainless steel formers are designed by computer-based modeling programs and the latest machine tooling guarantees a high forming precission, very good slide characteristics as well as less wear and tear.

If desired, former surfaces can be treated with wear and tear coatings according to the latest technology.

Our forming sets can be equipped with an attachment producing bags for cold edge forming or edge sealing.

NEW - Formers with seamless forming edge for precise forming and most accurate film alignment.

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Special Formats

There are 13 products in this category

Special Shaped Formers

7-angular forming shoulder

Triangular forming shoulder
Duplex former
Special Duty Formers

Forming shoulder for cheese slices
Forming shoulder for the packaging of cheese slices

Forming shoulder for the production of film tubes

Forming shoulder for the production of film tubes
Forming shoulder to form a film tube from a folded film

Hygienic design
Forming set in hygienic design

Forming set with valve guide
Adjustable Formers

Adjustable rectangular forming shoulders

Adjustable round forming shoulders

Special Design Options

Forming set for the production of film tubes
Forming set for the production of flat film tube

Special cross section
Forming sets and forming shoulder with oval cross section

Standpipe for gasification or aspiration
Standpipes for gasification or aspiration on a filling tube

Triangle for film folding
Triangle to reverse center folded film

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