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Customized round and rectangular formers as well as forming sets for any type of form/fill/seal machine independent of brand name are available in our product line.

Our stainless steel formers are designed by computer-based modeling programs and the latest machine tooling guarantees a high forming precission, very good slide characteristics as well as less wear and tear.

If desired, former surfaces can be treated with wear and tear coatings according to the latest technology.

Our forming sets can be equipped with an attachment producing bags for cold edge forming or edge sealing.

NEW - Formers with seamless forming edge for precise forming and most accurate film alignment.

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Chromium nitride is a chemical compound of the two elements chromium and nitrogen.

Titanium nitride is a chemical compound of the two elements titanium and nitrogen. This compound is very hard and very resistant to corrosion and thus drastically extending the durability of forming shoulders.
DLC / Diamor®-coating
DLC- (Diamond-Like Carbon) or Diamor®- (Diamant+amorph) is our best long-lasting wear-resistant coating.
Surface Treatments
Surface treatment blast with glass beads
During the glass bead blasting, the surfaces of aluminium or stainless steel parts are “fired at” with small beads and thus receiving a uniform and decorative appearance free of scratches.
Surface treatment anodizing
The anodisation is intended to preserve the surfaces of aluminium parts for the long term and to make them appear more decorative.
Surface treatment hard anodizing
Hard coating or hard anodizing produces an especially hard and thick protective coating by the electrolytic oxidation of aluminium on aluminium surfaces.

Bag spreaders
Spreader ring, mountable by bayonet socket.

Calibration rings
Calibration rings are used for the forming of precise bag diameters.

Charge barriers
Barriers catch subsequent falling parts.

Chutes, round to rectangular, dismountable by bayonet socket.

Edge folding unit
Edge shaping on a rectangular forming shoulder.
Film roller
A fixed roller on the forming shoulder stabilized the running behavior of the film.
Standard funnel, round, steep angle.
Gas-flushing unit
We can't perform miracles, but we can recycle original parts from your old format sets.
Side groover
Side grooving in combination with edge shaping on a rectangular format set for a better forming of the side folds.

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